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Asbestos warning Tape

Do you have an asbestos management plan in place?

Warburton Services works with building owners in Nottingham and the surrounding areas to help them meet the legal requirements surrounding asbestos management. Contact us today to book a visit from our expert team.

Know your legal duties when it comes to asbestos

If you own or manage a commercial building in the UK, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure an effective asbestos management plan is in place. Some domestic buildings, such as rental properties, also need an asbestos management plan.


You should be aware of the high-risk areas where asbestos is likely to be disturbed or damaged in order to prevent the harmful effects caused by its contamination. Once the areas are identified, we will help you manage the areas by implementing strategies to keep them safe.

What does an asbestos management plan contain?

Your asbestos management plan will be tailored to your building and will include:

  • Details of which materials in the building contain asbestos, their condition and their location.

  • Plans for how and when the condition of the asbestos will be monitored.

  • Details on how to manage the risks posed by asbestos containing materials.

  • How to communicate with people in the building about the presence and risks of asbestos.

  • Contingency plans in case of an incident involving asbestos


We recommend reviewing your asbestos management plan annually to ensure it is still fit for purpose and ensure you meet the legal requirements.

Asbestos removal worker
Asbestos corrugated roofing sheet being removed and sealed in a plastic sheet

Complete asbestos management solutions

As well as providing detailed plans, we can provide services for all aspects of managing asbestos. This includes providing training to your staff and contractors. We also offer specialised removal and demolitions services. Warburton Services is trusted by many companies in the Nottingham area and is committed to providing you with the best possible service. Get in touch to find out more.

Call Warburton Services now on 0800 520 0274 to create or review your asbestos management plan.

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